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Web-site analytics is the study of the web-site visitors

Monitoring allows the measurement of the success or failure of a website. One gets indications about who, when, and how a web server is visited. Examples are ..

  • Visitors to your site: duration, Days of the week, their countries
  • Phrases used to search for the web-site
  • File types/ Operating systems used / Web browser used / Internet Robots movements
  • Which search engine is sending trafic to the site.
  • School website: Search keyphrases used to access your site
  • Job web site: to increase the number of job searches by users.
  • Shop web site: which landing pages encourage people to make a purchase.
  • Ranking of the web-site on Google

Performance indicators which need to be monitored

  • Hit - A request for a file from the web server. The total number of visitors or page views provides a more realistic and accurate assessment of popularity.
  • Page View A single page view may generate multiple hits.
  • Visit / Session - A series of requests from the same uniquely identified client with a set timeout. A visit is expected to contain multiple hits (in log analysis) and page views.
  • First Visit / First Session - A visit from a visitor who has not made any previous visits.
  • New Visitor - A visitor that has not made any previous visits.
  • Visitor / Unique Visitor / Unique User - The uniquely identified client generating requests on the web server (log analysis) or viewing pages (page tagging) within a defined time period (i.e. day, week or month). A Unique Visitor counts once within the timescale. A visitor can make multiple visits.
  • Repeat Visitor - A visitor that has made at least one previous visit.
  • Impression - An impression is each time an advertisement loads on a users screen. Anytime you see a banner, that is an impression.
  • Singletons - The number of visits where only a single page is viewed.
  • Bounce Rate / % Exit - The percentage of visits where the visitor enters and exits at the same page without visiting any other pages on the site in between.

Web Statistics Reports

  • Data is recorded for each visit to a website. Software like AW-Stats, and Webaliser create reports from these raw data logs.
  • For viewing your statistics ( if you are hosted on edeskonline, then go to Webtop >> Start >> Programs >> Website Statistics ).
  • An alternate is to use Google Analytics( go to Google Adwords, log in, click Analytics on the top right hand side).

Personalised Value-Adds by consultants who analyse your web statistics

  • Rs. 1,000 / year for reports of day-to-day visitors .
  • Regularity: You get the reports without fail every week.
  • What you will get?: You will receive the day-wise break-up of number of visits to your site the entire previous week.
  • URL of your site stats with login details for direct access. You will be invited to visit the stats yourself and discuss your observations with us.
  • Response to queries sent and suggestions for boosting the number of visitors to your site.


An example interaction with a client went as follows.

  • His query was.. Why is there a difference in the statistics of two different softwares..
  • Our reply: Awstats uses server logs and google uses data sent to it ' by the code embedded in a page. If someone visits the site and hits the stop button before loading the entire page, google code may not execute and hence google logs are not updated. Whereas server log would have been updated even in such a case. Hence the difference in stats.

What you will need to provide:

Login for the web site statistics. From here we will access the site statistics.

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